How to work efficiently with Residential Personal proxy

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How do residential personal proxies work?

This type of proxy uses Backconnect.

It means that when you purchase, you get an IP and port to connect to the gateway server, which redirects your traffic to the proxy server itself.

In other words, there are two more stages between you and the target website server: the gateway server and the proxy itself.

After clicking the Start button in the profile, the gateway server starts searching to connect to a suitable proxy server. During the search, when the required proxy is not found yet, there is no Internet connection.

When the gateway server connects to a suitable proxy server – the whole chain is lined up, and a connection with the target site can be successfully established.

Residential proxies that the gate server connects to can be quite unstable. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a proxy server to stop working. Then it starts searching for a new proxy to connect.

The same thing happens if you click the Change IP button or change the IP via an API request. Changing the country works the same way.

Therefore, for the proxy server to work effectively, it is worth giving the gateway server time to establish a connection with the new proxy after losing the connection with the old one, changing the IP or country.

How to work with a residential personal proxy?

For the personal presidential proxy to be available for as long as possible, we recommend following the recommendations below:

  • If you have just sent a command to change the IP/country or the proxy has lost the connection, you must wait until the connection with the new proxy server is established. It may take from 2 to 15 minutes;
  • If the proxy doesn't start working within 15-20 minutes, we recommend changing the proxy's IP or country one time.;
  • If the proxy doesn't start working within 15-20 minutes, we recommend changing the IP or country of the proxy server once.

In most cases, this procedure allows you to return the proxy to work. If the proxy server still doesn't work after all the operations, please contact our support service.

Since this proxy has the features described above, it is not suitable for every project. That is why we offer a free trial of this proxy for 1 hour. To get a trial version, please contact our support team.



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12月 2017


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It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain anonymity and privacy on the Internet: search engines, websites, and social networks collect information about users and use it for commercial purposes. Any visitor to the web leaves a digital trail, followed by numerous advertisers and target markets.

If you have connected multiple devices, it's important to take care of security to avoid data leakage. Let's look at the main ways to improve security.

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