Security tips for those who use multiple connected devices

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Security tips for those who use multiple connected devices

Connecting different devices — a smartphone with a card, a Google account with Google Play, a Smart TV with a phone — has many security risks. Our proxy company has decided to give some tips that will minimize the likelihood of data leakage. Of course, the choice of a specific method of protection should be adapted due to the individual situation, device and data type, hazard level as well as the means that you are willing to spend on security.

How to improve security: ways

  • Onsite Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi networks must be securely protected. It is not advisable to use insecure or too simple passwords and set default settings. If you can't reconfigure by yourself, contact a specialist. However, it is important that the specialist does not get your WPA2 password.
  • Device block. It is advisable to block all devices. Data leakage often occurs due to repeated hashing through unprotected devices that are not equipped with security software and passwords. There are many ways for protection: entering the password, fingerprints, patterns, or graphic gateway.
  • Software. Smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs can be protected by installing special software; due to their vulnerability, these devices are most often attacked. Installing an antivirus that allows you to apply browser extensions, applications, and security gateways to your IoT environment will not be time-consuming and costly.
  • iOS jailbreak. If you use an iPhone, do not jailbreak iOS. The software available in Cydia is not tested for reliability and security. Use licensed software, install updates regularly. Since today, you can control almost all IoT using a smartphone; it is recommended to pay special attention to the security of your smartphone.
  • Electronic signature. When it comes to encrypting data loss of which can lead to serious problems, it is recommended to use an e-signature (EDS). For example, this may be useful when registering an LLC.
  • Choosing an antivirus. Take the choice of an antivirus seriously: explore the sources, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the existing structures, adapt the functionality, and highlighted pros and cons to your situation.

A few words about our offer

We have already proposed the creation of a virtual private network (VPN) as a means of protection. The benefits of our company offering proxy and VPN include:

  • Ensuring maximum security (the service automatically creates an encryption tunnel through which data passes).
  • No traffic limits (you can use all the possibilities of the Internet without limitation).
  • Versatility (the system runs on all devices: Windows and Linux, Android and iOs including game consoles and Smart TVs connected to the Internet).
  • Technical support responds instantly to all user requests, works 24/7 without interruption
  • No logs: we do not keep statistics and do not make records by which you can identify the user.
  • Torrent, P2P, VoIP are supported.
  • The cost of services is relatively low: we target a large audience.

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