Microsoft купила GitHub

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Why Microsoft GitHub?

Represent both companies, probably, there is no sense. The first of them is a recognized world leader in the development of software for computer equipment and smartphones. The second is a convenient service for storing open software codes, its services are used by more than 20 million programmers from around the world. Not the least role in the popularity of GitHub is played by data protection, where it is maintained at the highest level. And although someone seems to be somewhat strange about this merger, experts are sure that this step by Microsoft is absolutely predictable.

It would seem, why such a giant this deal? If you look closely at Microsoft's development strategy, you can see that it has always adhered to the principles of balanced diversification of its business. Unlike the same Amazon and Apple, the share of top-end products sales starting from 70%, or Facebook and Google, in which it reaches 80-100%, this IT giant always "kept their eggs in different baskets." Judge for yourself: the revenues from selling Microsoft office products (Office, Excel and others) are about 30%, from sales of X-box game consoles - about 10%, Windows Server with Azure - about another quarter. All the rest is profit from those spheres in which the company invests with an eye to the future.

Is there such a prospect with GitHub? Certainly! After all, it's not just a large repository, it's 20 million additional users, which are planned to seamlessly integrate into the working environment of Microsoft. The history of the development of the IT industry remembers a lot of examples when large companies bought small ones to increase their audience. Remember, for example, Facebook bought WhatsApp and Instagram, Google - YouTube, and the same Microsoft - Skype. About $ 32 billion was spent on these deals, but all of them resulted in a rapid growth of users from their new owners.

Therefore, despite the fact that a considerable number of users left GitHub in Gitlab, taking with them about 40 thousand of their projects, the rest still remained and patiently await further development of events.

What else does Microsoft get from acquiring GitHub? If you remember, she already had her own platform for developers - CodePlex. But even for almost 10 years the platform has not become successful. But GitHub - has become. And now Microsoft is announcing the final closure of CodePlex and translating all to ... correctly - GitHub! Thus, having solved two tasks simultaneously: got rid of the competitor and got all its users.

And most importantly - with this purchase, the IT giant intends to get rid of the stigma of the "killer of creative development" and its global image of the "corporation of evil". Who now dares to say so, when she won what "good guys" supported in the person of GitHub?

On the merits of merging for end users

However, to be discouraged by software developers, probably, rather early. Pros for this merger, maybe not so much, but they do exist.

  • First, this transaction will strengthen competition between the three major cloud storage: GitHub, Amazon and Google. And where competition rises, prices begin to decline. Yes, GitHub was a free online platform, but after all, a paid subscription with more advanced functionality will not disappear anywhere. So the probability of lowering the price for additional options and services is not that small.
  • Secondly, and this is more important for programmers plus, merging the technical capabilities of the two companies. Now GitHub will be integrated into such tools for Microsoft software developers, like Visual Studio and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This means that programmers will have a very convenient service access to code repositories directly from the development environment. And this will lead to the rapid deployment of projects, scaling to work with heavy loads and getting architecture in the Azure cloud, which works practically without fail.

As without minuses

They, alas, are also available.

  • First minus. Increase the binding of users to paid subscriptions to Microsoft products. Even the repository of the GitHub code on the Azure cloud server can be "bogged down" in the model by subscription for professional programmers.
  • The second minus. If Microsoft fails to create a truly hybrid model for integrating GitHub with all its tools into its working environment, the new acquisition of the company will lose its "independence." The one for which GitHub was so valued by its audience.
  • The third minus, and this is the worst thing that can expect GitHub, according to critics, and their considerable number. The IT giant will only render "disservice" to the largest repository of open codes by its actions, if it does not contribute to the development of its strengths. As it once happened with Skype, which suddenly because of the patent for the technology of "legitimate interception" for Internet telephony services from Microsoft, data protection has significantly worsened.



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