Exclusive Mix: Filtering the proxy list

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If you’re looking for a package of residential or mobile proxies with the ability to work with a particular country or ISP, the best option is definitely Exclusive Mix. With it you will be able to download the list which consists of proxies from preliminarily chosen countries and carriers, flexibly filtering it for your needs.

In this article we’ll show you the fastest way to download a filtered list of proxies from your dashboard with set parameters and check their их working capacity via curl and RSocks ProxyChecker.

Step 1: Choosing a package

Exclsusive proxy package allows you to choose and purchase access to the pools of residential (Wi-Fi) or mobile (4G/5G) proxies. At the same time you can choose the amount of traffic needed which will be available for the next 30 days. Test access is provided for 2 two hours with a 100 megabyte limit.

To demonstrate how filters work, let us choose the trial package of residential proxies. You’ll see the control panel of the package in your dashboard after making a purchase.

Step 2: Filtering the proxy list

By default, the list contains mixed proxies from more than a hundred countries. You can download it as a link or a .csv / .txt file. To receive a list which only consists of chosen country and ISP, use the “Filter” button in the “Get proxy list” field.

Pressing the button will open the filters’ settings form.

Country’s selection: in the drop-down menu “Country” choose the location needed. If several countries are demanded in one list, use the “Add country” button. The field is obligatory for filling.

As an example let us pick two countries: Spain and Brazil.

ISP’s selection: use the drop-down menu in the “Provider” field. It’s chosen separately for each country. To use proxies of all the ISPs in the country given leave the field blank, it’s not necessary to fill it.

In our example we’ve chosen Vodafone ISP for Spain and Algar Telecom for Brazil.

Choosing the amount of ports: in this field you set up the amount of proxies of the country given which will be included in the list. If you leave the field blank, you won’t receive any proxies which you chose in this string before.

Let’s pick 50 proxies from both countries in our example.

Choosing a format of the list: similar to such a setting of standard proxies list. We recommend you to use the URL format of receiving proxies.

The “Get the list” button will finish the setting process and transmit you the filtered list.

The format you receive the proxies when filtering the list is not completely common. It’s all about the filtration process itself, it makes the algorithm of proxy selection on the back connect-server a bit more complicated than the one of standard packages.

When working with list filtration, you connect to the proxies using username and password. That’s why proxies in the list are provided in login:password@host:port format.

  1. Username to connect to the proxy. It’s unique and static for each package. That’s why username changes when you buy a new package.
  1. Password to connect to the proxy. It depends on chosen proxies and contains information about the country and ISP. If you save your filters, it will stay unchanged.

IMPORTANT! Often the ISP name contains several words separated by space. In this case space is transferred to the proxy list (for example, “vodafone spain”). For successful connection to the list you will need to replace the space with a “+” sign (for example, “vodafone+spain”).

  1. Domain. Instead of IP-addresses, Exclusive packages use “rsproxy.online” domain name.
  1. Connection port.

IMPORTANT! Even though username and password are used, these parameters are only needed to identify the filters you choose. With that being said, proxies are still authorized by the IP you whitelist in your dashboard. That’s why you always need to whitelist your IP to work with proxies successfully.

Step 3: Checking connection to the proxies

To make sure the data you input is correct, we recommend you to check your connection with simple and reliable methods: curl for a single port and ProxyChecker for the list of them.

Let us take one port from Spain and Brazil pools as an example. Let’s send a simple curl request via those ports.

Spanish proxy:

Brazilian proxy:

As we can see, requests are successfully through and filters selected the countries and ISPs we needed.

Similar check can be performed for a bigger package with the help of RSocks Proxy Checker.

To do that you will need to specify the format when uploading the list. The format should correlate with username and password. You should also put a “+” sign instead of spaces.

Let’s launch a check of 100 proxies from Spain and Brazil:

The check went fine, so the list can be uploaded to your working software.

Filtering a proxy list by carrier and location is a useful feature which will ease up your work in plenty of projects that demand a large pool of high-grade proxies of a particular country, especially if this location is barely represented in other plans.



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最初的互联网预想让空间没有国界化,无论在在那里都可以绝对匿名地获取任何信息。现在很多国家都出现了禁止访问某些资源的情况 。

12月 2017


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Receiving big volumes of data from websites for its following analysis plays a key role for plenty of projects. Target resource structure analysis and scraping of the relevant information are often connected to blocks or access restriction issues from website administration.

If you’re looking for a package of residential or mobile proxies with the ability to work with a particular country or ISP, the best option is definitely Exclusive Mix. With it you will be able to download the list which consists of proxies from preliminarily chosen countries and carriers, flexibly filtering it for your needs.

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